Cinders Preview

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Indie studio MoaCube started offering pre-orders of their latest visual novel project Cinders. The game is being sold at a slightly discounted price of $19.95, and purchasers gain access to the preview version of the game, much like many indie games nowadays.

Cinders is a fairytale visual novel about four women and difficult choices they make, inspired by the classic story of Cinderella. Beautifully illustrated by the artist Gracjana Zielinska, the game offers more edgy and modern take on its source material. Emphasizing choices and well developed characters, it dismisses the stereotypical women in place of more active and independent protagonist.

“We’re treating the fairytale as a framework to tell our own story. You can still decide to play the game according to the fairytale — that’s one of the key features — but it will always have its own flavor. Of all the fairytales, we picked Cinderella because we honestly don’t like it. The protagonist is very passive, and the message seems to be: ‘be a good girl and learn to take abuse quietly, then maybe you’ll find a rich husband’. We want our Cinders to be clever, active woman who makes her own choices” – explains Tom Grochowiak, MoaCube’s Head Developer.

The game is scheduled for a release this summer for Mac and PC platforms. The final game is going to be available as a digital download, for the price of $22.95. More info, screenshots and a gameplay trailer can be found at MoaCube’s website.

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