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I recently got some hands on time with this game and it looks like a great mobile platformer. The idea behind this one is that you control a little blob, who’s trying to save the environment by collecting all the pollution throughout the levels.

The control system is designed to take away all buttons on screen and just rely on the touch screen interface. This means you just need to tilt your device to the left and right to move your blob side to side and to jump you grab him and stretch him to flick him upwards. It’s actually a great system and gives you a lot of control over jump height/angle. There are also a handful of pick ups you can grab, which give your blob some very useful abilities. First off you can pick up extra health, which satisfyingly makes your blob much larger. This actually has two different effects, firstly it means you can take an extra hit (you also shrink down to your normal size when this happens) and it also means that with the extra weight behind your blob, you can manipulate heavier objects. So wooden structures which you are unable to move as a small blob, you can simply demolish when you get some weight behind you. You’ve also got some power ups which enhance your blobs abilities, you have the super power up, which means you can jump insanely high, it also gives you some shades. Then you have power ups which make you invincible and make you float on water.

There are simply tons of levels all of which have some very clever level design. There was one instance which stands out for me. This one level there was a key at the bottom of this pit, you couldn’t jump into the pit, the water would kill you instantly. What you had to do here is move some balls onto these moving cogs, they would then be moved along and fill the bottom of the pit meaning you could safely jump down and collect the key. I only got to scratch the surface here, but some of the levels are absolutely huge and will take some time to get through.

One of the most fun modes of the game has got to be survival mode. This only unlocks after you’ve completed the majority of the game, but I got a little sneak preview. The idea behind this mode is that you need to travel as far as possible, the level itself is randomly generated and you have to keep moving. There isn’t any ground below you here so if you drop to the bottom it’s game over, but there are plenty of little platforms and power ups dotted around, which you’ll need to make the most of. I can see this mode being a lot of fun.

Blobster is such a colourful and very clever game, out now on the app store.

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