Peter Packer iOS Review

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Peter Packer is a crazy game; by this I mean that it is a crazy fun game. Like many popular iOS games, Peter Packer has a simple premise, Peter has just started a package business, the player must help him sort the packages into three tubes, yellow triangle, red square and blue circle.

The graphics of the game are very good and clean. The star of the game isa Mr. PeterPacker (note the pun), and he is as adorable as a certain friendly neighborhood superhero, however he does not have any packing related super powers.

The gameplay of Peter Packer is quite good. However I found that a lot of the time the iPhone mixed my fingers up, resulting in a more frustrating experience. However when I played the game, in HD, on the iPad, the difference was incredible. The game noticed my fingers a lot better and my scores improved as a result. There are three modes to Peter Packer, “Classic,” “Time Trial,” and “Quest.” Of these I found that quest was the most satisfying, as there is a real progression, you get Peter promoted from a packaging novice to a business tycoon. Classic is the one for the people who love to get high scores, in a never-ending gameplay mode, and time trial is classic but only for one minute

There are elements of the game that need some adjustment, in my opinion. There should be some sort of power-up system, one, for example, could be double points or you can put the boxes into any hole. Also I feel that the finger detection on the iPhone version is a bit underwhelming, with packages going in a different direction to the way to which you wanted to send them.

Overall Peter Packer is a good game, with just a few problems. It really is a good game on the iPad and you should pick it up, but I feel that if you are unsure and have a iPhone then it might be worth waiting a bit to see if Odasoft update the game.

Peter Packer is available now on iPhone and iPod for £0.59 and Peter Packer HD for iPad for £1.19.

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