Nintendo announces new console: Wii U

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Today at the announcement heavy E3, Nintendo announced their new console the Wii U, described by the president of Nintendo America as “Unique, unifying and Utopian.” This clearly shows how confident Nintendo are in their new product. Their reasoning behind choosing this name ( Which this editor hates.) is that it encompasses everyone, yet it is also individual to you. Wii (We), everyone, U (You), you personally.

He started by showing everyone the interestingly designed new controller which, as you can see, has a huge 6.2″ touch screen. Now the thing that is really interesting about this is the way in which it can be used. Picture this sitting on your couch, minding your business, playing a bit of Mario Kart. Bam! Someone walks in and demands you switch channels. With every other console you must admit defeat, save and turn off the game. With the Wii U this is no longer a problem as you can simply continue playing from the comfort of your touch screen on your controller. However it was reiterated that this is not a portable console, it is merely a screen where the Wii U sends its signal to with no latency. It was also shown as a screen where you can draw up anything you want and it will be able to show it on the screen. It was also seen to give a new perspective on gaming, for example put the controller on the ground and you could see your golf ball if you were playing a golf game.

We’ll keep you guys updated on Wii U as more details emerge.

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