Modern Warfare 3 E3 Demo

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Well E3 has graced us with more information on Modern Warfare 3, namely some gameplay footage.

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s community manager, played through a mission called ‘Hunter Killer’ in Modern Warfare 3. The mission was showing off an attack on New York.

Bowling took control over Sgt. Frost in the mission and it saw him attached to a submersible in an underground New York tunnel that has flooded. The sense of destruction as you move forward through the wreckage of vehicles is incredible.

The mission sees the navy seals stall as they wait for a massive enemy submarine to pass over, Bowling promptly attached an explosive to its tail and moved to it’s bow. It seemed as though Bowling didn’t have full control over the submersible but as the submarine breached the surface of the water he seemed to have full control. We do catch a glimpse of a war torn New York City with tons of Battleships and jets overhead. Sgt. Frost and another character, Sandman, clear out the deck of the submarine and take out dozens of soldiers equipped with P90s and AK74Us.

The demo skips forward to show us a breach and clear in the submarine, which sees you take out the Captain, and everyone else in the room. Sandman heads over to a body and throws you a launch key he finds. This sets of absolute carnage as you launch the subs missiles.

Bowling proceeds to jump into a boat and speed away from the sub and onto the packed Hudson River. This section saw Bowling avoid attack from helicopters and other speedboats, the action was superb and exceptionally amazing to watch. Waves from explosions threatened to flip Bowling’s boat as he rushed away and all hope seemed to be lost before a friendly helicopter swooped in to allow him to jump aboard, ending the demo.

It looked absolutely stunning and it was one of the best CoD demos I have seen!

Check it out for your self, below:

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