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Football games. A genre dominated by FIFA and Pro Evo, but we have a new kid in town. Meet First Touch Soccer, a football game made by X2 Games.

From the first moment you start the game up you are greeted by crisp visuals and a simple menu layout. The game has several modes in it, from a quick match to dream team mode where you earn your players. The game also features a multiplayer option, which was very simple to use. The menus were beautifully simple to navigate and use, all in all a pleasant experience.

When you first start a match you will immediately be hit by the wonderful graphics as you see the players walking out on the pitch. The game looks equally stunning during the matches.

The difference between this game and FIFA and Pro Evolution is the control system, I felt that the control scheme in this was extremely simple to use and attacking plays were far simpler to execute as the ball would go where you aimed it rather than to the player standing to the left of you! The controls consist of a virtual joystick in the bottom left corner, which is responsive to even the smallest of movements and means that you can control your player’s runs to perfection as well as providing those crucial passes and shots. In the bottom right corner there are three buttons which are all you need to set up your offensive and defence actions. When attacking you can pass the ball along the ground, lob the ball over any distance you wish and finally take a shot on goal, with power of each decided on how long you hold the button down for. In defence the buttons will help you tackle the opposition via slide or standing tackle, the third button changing the player you control.

The game obviously looks good, and it is backed up by solid gameplay. The game isn’t too difficult for new comers to put the ball in the back of the net, but it isn’t too easy for someone to score a goal a minute. When you first start playing First Touch Soccer you may feel that the only way to tackle someone effectively is to slide him, but as you start to get players sent off you will realise that maybe the standing tackle is worth a shot. It may require a lot more practise but it is definitely worth it when you end games with all 11 men and a win. There is one other small, tiny in fact, problem which is that some of the teams are actually unlicensed, for example Manchester United are Manchester Red. The players however are all licensed and the team names are editable so if it matters to you that much you can change it.

First Touch Soccer included a Dream Team mode which I mentioned earlier, and in this mode you will build up your 1 star team into an unstoppable force by collecting tokens. This is done by playing the game, nothing more. Just win your games and you will be rewarded with a token, if you want a more tokens or a higher value token then you need to complete the games equivalent of achievements. Feats as they are known in the game are earn’t by scoring goals in spectacular fashion, coming back from a loss or simply beating a better opponent.

First Touch Soccer has some massive customisation and extra gameplay features, you can choose from over 250 club teams in 30 competitions across 7 game modes, including a Dream team mode which I already described above. It also includes a Star Player Match option in which you play as a single player of your choice and lead him through his career. Win different modes with different teams to unlock classic teams and players and take your achievements to the next level via Game Center integration. Over and above all of this the game includes social media options so that you can post your skills on Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube as well as the multiplayer which I mentioned above.

Featuring incredible graphics, outstanding gameplay and hundreds of customisation options as well as several modes I would have to thoroughly recommend First Touch Soccer to any iOS device owner.

First Touch Soccer is available from the Apple App Store for £0.59 or $0.99.

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