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Ewe Doodle is a new game released by Chillingo, the makers of the ever-addictive angry birds. In Ewe Doodle you are tasked with keeping a sheep alive against some very aggressive enemies. With the catch phrase “Keep the sheep alive” we are expecting a lot of sheep to get harmed as we learn the ropes.

Ewe Doodle looks very fun the moment you first start it up, albeit a tad confusing. The moment you pick a difficulty mode, one of the enemy types, you will see that the game actually looks very simple, and the instructions you receive on your first start up are easy to follow. The game has some very impressive animations and on the retina display it does look very nice.

There are 3 difficulty modes on Ewe Doodle, these are shown by the different enemy types. With dogs being the easiest and the knife-wielding maniacs being the hardest. The game sees you avoiding the enemies as you try to rack up a huge score and the longer you last the more enemies pop up to eat you. The game balances this by giving you power ups such as slow time, or kill one enemy. The high score aspect of this game is spot on and I found my self on several occasions continuously attempting the same level just to beat the person who was top of the leaderboards! It is very much like Doodle Jump in that aspect as you are trying to constantly increase your rank over and above everything else.

I feel that Ewe Doodle is a very good game however I do not see where there is any room for add-ons or updates unless they add more enemy types and different power ups. Ewe Doodle is a great game for anyone who is looking for something light to play while on the train and if you are someone a bit competitive then it is perfect for you.

Ewe Doodle is available now on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for £0.59 on the App Store.

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