Dead Island Character Bio: Logan

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Earlier today Deep Silver released more information about their upcoming game Dead Island. They released information on a character called Logan. The bio for Logan is as follows:

A former football star, spoiled by life and successful in every possible way, Logan’s ego finally put an end to his bright future. Taking part in a reckless street race with tragic consequences, Logan not only killed a young woman – his unfortunate passenger; he also fractured his knee, putting an end to his sports career. His fall from stardom inevitably followed and he plunged swiftly into a life of bitterness and despair. In an attempt to get away from the demons hunting him, he gladly takes the chance to experience the beauties and wonders of Banoi.
Soon enough though the getaway he was dreaming about turns intoa real life nightmare…

Dead Island for those that are unaware is a gruesome zombie action game. Dead Island looks to focus a lot on melee combat, character development and customisation of a vast array of weapons. The game is set in an open world topical island, with hordes of zombies attacking from every corner through the holiday resort.

Dead Island will feature first person melee combat, 4 player co-op, weapon customisation, an open world environment, RPG elements and hordes of zombies!

I cannot wait to hear more about this game as it sounds to be stunning!

There are some screens which were released for Logan as well which you can see below:



Dead Island will be released on the 9th of September worldwide for the PlayStation 3 , the Xbox 360 and PC.

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