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Fable 3 is the continuation of Peter Molyneaux’s series Fable. Once again seeds were sown that we could rule the whole of Albion and more, and it delivered this in a short unsatisfying experience, however one which has been sprinkled with entertainment. I finished Fable 3 in one sitting, albeit on a day off and when I had really nothing else to do. However I still felt like I hadn’t got much out of the game and felt a bit sad as this really was a far cry from the first days of Fable, which was published on the original Xbox.

The game uses the same overall gameplay for Fable 2, and there really isn’t much to say about it. One button to hit, one to shoot and another to cast spells. This makes it very easy to make nice combos that look really good, yet after a while they end up feeling the same. Lionhead decided to instigate a new way to level up your character, the “Road to Rule.” This involves you going down a road opening chest with guild seals, unlocking new abilities for your hero. There is now an option to fuse your spells as well which is pretty good.

The story also doesn’t pack a punch for me either. You start off as the son or daughter of your hero in Fable 2, who became King or Queen. All of a sudden you decide that your brother has gotten out of control and decide to start a rebellion. Town to town you potter around adventuring and questing for the future of Albion, when eventually you become King or Queen. This proves to be a mere checkpoint stating that you are now half way in the game.  The mechanic of ruling I feel is mediocre and is somewhat put in just to make the player feel good.

Lionhead didn’t stop by copying just the mechanic of Fable 2, but also decide to copy the graphics, and sound as well with a few minor adjustments.  Conversely their characters seem better and I personally felt a bit attached to them, for that Lionhead must be applauded as I normally don’t care whether someone lives or dies in games. The final thing which I must mention is how Fable 3 stopped me being evil in video games. Normally I will happily go around village to village slaughtering thousands of unsuspecting virtual towns-folk, yet in Fable 3 I refrained, maybe because I had gotten sick of the whole bad-guy stick, or maybe because Lionhead made a game where being good is just as enjoyable as being bad.

Overall I feel that Lionhead made a solid game, but one that didn’t set itself apart from Fable 2, which may not necessarily make it a bad thing; however I would have liked to see more changes and perhaps some which took Fable back to its roots.


Gameplay : 7

Story: 6

Presentation: 6


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