F1 2010 Review

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If you’re a fan of formula 1 then I guarantee that you will enjoy F1 2010. It is a great fun simulation racing game like many out there but has the added benefit that it has the license to all of F1. There are many high points and a few lows but overall it proves to be a very satisfying experience.

The gameplay is solid and has taken many driving experiences into its core. It feels quite like Forza 3 in a way because you get replays and braking assist, maybe this is the current norm in driving games as I don’t really play many. However you can customise almost everything about your car from your ride height to the gear ratios. If you are a car enthusiast you could spend hours just perfecting your can trying to eke out a couple of seconds to take poll.

The career mode is brilliant; you start off as the second driver in one of the 2010’s season’s new manufacturers, Lotus, my personal choice, Virgin Racing or HRT. This clearly puts you at the back end of the field; however with the R&D mechanic you can charge your machine into a driving powerhouse. However this comes with some flaws, you don’t know when you’re get the chance to upgrade or what you’re going to upgrade, I mysteriously kept on getting a throttle map setting, which turned out to be something completely different. However the learning curve was pitched perfectly for me, I didn’t win the driver’s championship but came an admirable 6th this left me poised for the title chase next season. Also another useful feature is the ability to not play the full race, you can opt to do 20% or more of the race taking between 15mins to the normal race time.

The graphics are solid and immerse you into the world of F1. The characteristic droning of the cars again makes you feel if you were actually driving. One thing that is highly commendable is the weather effects. Everything from a light drizzle to a full blown storm is portrayed in the game and looks gorgeous. Rain builds up in the low points in the track and can help cool of your tires, this also creates a situation where you must use tactics in order to win, once when I was playing on Spa there was some drizzle but no real standing water, however 8 laps in the rain increased, and I was left with the decision, pit and maybe lose a place but the chance to gain it back, or not to pit and continue ahead. Its things like this which makes F1 a great game.

Overall, it is a great game and should be worthy of a purchase, however if you’re unsure rent it, but it is definitely a must buy for any F1 enthusiast.


Gameplay : 8/10

Career : 9/10

Presentation : 8/10


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