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Death Rally is an top down racer initially made in 1996 by Remedy. The game was remade in 2011 for the iPhone and iPad.

The races are split into 2 different modes, standard races and challenges, both of which have their own difficulty rating.

The game has a very simple control scheme, on the left hand side there is a thumbstick which controls the direction you are driving and on the right you control the weapons, with touching it firing the gun.

The first time I played it I was struggling to get to grips with it, as I am not someone who plays a lot of top down racers, it can be a tough start. However as you carry on playing you will soon understand the controls and the most effective way to race. Like most games practice makes perfect!

There are several different tracks, both indoor and outdoor and they all look absolutely superb on the iPhone’s  retina display. The tracks are also littered with items to pick up such as ammo, nitro boosts and repair kits which help keep you car from engulfing in a ball of flames!

Players start with $500 and the lowest level car, they can buy upgrades with the money they earn at the end of every race. You gain money depending on what position you come, how many people you destroyed, if you killed the boss etc.

As well as picking up items you can pick up parts to unlock new weapons, cars and even maps. The cars and weapons you pick up can be further upgraded using money to make them even more powerful.

After upgrading the car points are awarded to the players’ fame, for every game that is won fame will increase with all players starting at the rank of Rookie, any money left over after upgrading the car will then be added to the fame meter.

I really enjoyed playing Death Rally, it has some great graphics and a solid soundtrack. With the difficulty varying from track to track it can provide a challenge for even the best racers! The race times are short and therefore perfect for an iPhone game as you can just pick it up and play it, unlocking content also works the same. However getting the full 100% will take a lot of dedication which keeps you coming back to play more.

The game has a pretty decent life span with the only downside being the few track varieties with flipped versions which can all be mastered with a bit of effort.

Death Rally has Game Centre integration which adds more depth with achievements being unlocked for reaching certain ranks and killing bosses. Some of which will take a while too unlock. This game certainly likes to keep the player coming back for more.

If I had to say what would make it a better game I would have to say that they could have included multiplayer, as that would be an absolute blast to play!

Death Rally is an absolutely amazing game for anyone who needs something new to play for their iOS device, or anyone interested in a light hearted racer with less focus on reality and more on pure enjoyment, and with 66% off the normal price this game is an absolute steal!

Death Rally is currently £0.59/$0.99.


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